Mission Statement

The strengths of our technological company. which is rich in tradition, such as continuity, personal identification, mutual respect, solidarity and resourcefulness, form the basis for our corporate group with international operations. The foundation for our activities, besides statutory framework conditions, are our customers’ specific requirements and the regulations which apply to us.

We master complexity and precision. Die casting and forming technology are our passion.

We seize our opportunities in new and changing markets, confidently, decisively and purposefully.

Economic success forms the basis for our entrepreneurial activities.

We support our clients reliably and competently from the idea right up to series production. In the context of this cooperation, we ensure that faultless, legally compliant products are manufactured in a smooth, interference-free process. In connection with our efforts towards continuous improvement, our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. We implement product ideas for the mobility of the future as a dependable partner for our clients.

Our employees are the foundation of our company and often stay with us through generations. By providing a secure and transparent working environment, we create the basis upon which each employee can implement their talents and abilities to benefit the company to the optimum. In further training programmes, we offer our employees constant opportunities for extending their professional expertise.

Our clients and employees have a right to have their sensitive data protected. For this reason, we are focusing, on the one hand, on technical solutions whereby the confidentiality and integrity of this data is ensured and also on impeccable behaviour by our employees with regard to handling this data.

Acting as partners in a context of mutual respect creates trust and the willingness to communicate. This enables us to recognize and pursue joint potential for development. However, this must not lead to any one-sided abuse of power. Here, the clear rule applies: “We do not bribe and we will not be bribed”.

We take the motto “Act in accordance with the law” to heart on all levels. If we should unintentionally fail to do so, we support and protect those who draw attention to this.

We are culturally and socially committed within the region and sponsor automotive projects in higher education and for students. We participate in charity events and see it as our social responsibility to create a climate of security and personal development for young parents, skilled employees aged 50+, for people with handicaps and young, emerging talents.

We understand the sustainable use of resources as an obligation but also as an opportunity for new fields of application for our technologies. It is our constant aim to fulfill all binding obligations as well as reducing the associated effects on the environment.

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