Trainee Innovation Cup
. . . from Trainee to Inventor

In order to awaken and promote the inventive spirit in our trainees, the Trainee Innovation Cup takes place every 2 years without any training content.
The aim of the competition is to develop giveaways for our customers made of steel or aluminium which we can produce and which show what our company can do from a manufacturing point of view. The winning team is coaxed by the potential of 250 euros in prize money and of having their draft manufactured.

The giveaways created and „caressed“ by our trainees such as pen holders, cloakroom door hooks and gyroscopes are extremely popular with our customers and trade fair visitors. Our trainees are very proud that they have been able to implement their drafts and we are very proud of our innovative trainees and future innovation drivers.

It must be your own idea
VOIT must be able to produce the item itself
The trainees should be able to build the necessary tools themselves
It should be possible to produce the idea in large quantities reasonably inexpensively

The jury is made up of members of the management – the Head of Human Resources, a Member of the Works Council, Head of the Trainee Workshop, Head of PR and Marketing and a representative elected by the trainees.

The management offers prize money of 250 euros but also reserves the right to split this amount among the best drafts. And, of course, there are certificates.


Niki Rohe

Leader Technical Vocational Training
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Valerio Palermo

Corporate Design and Marketing