Future Fields

Hybridisation & Electrification:
Innovative technologies for safety and pleasure in driving

Electromobility and autonomous driving are the future automotive trend and “electrify” car drivers, OEMs and suppliers to the same degree.

One important driving factor in the gradual changeover from conventional transmission technology to electromobility is, on the one hand, increasingly strict regulatory framework conditions – above all regulation on CO2. On the other hand, it is the customer’s desire for mobility which is affordable and on a high level regarding eco-friendliness, E-efficiency, safety and pleasure in driving.

Lightweight construction, hybridization and electrification are key technologies so that the required limit values are adhered to and, with their modular approach, they provide affordable solutions. Instead of using subsequently docked-on electrification, transmission specialists are increasingly relying on solutions whereby the E-motor and power electronics are integrated into the transmission. The transmissions can therefore be fitted into existing vehicle series without requiring any additional installation space and can be appropriately further developed regarding costs, performance and efficiency. Many manufacturers count on modular solutions here in order to be able to offer mild, full or plug-in hybrids. The new transmissions are thereby directly connected to the driver assistance systems in order to save fuel when accelerating or when driving in electric operation or to use braking force for recuperation in bends or on the approach to traffic lights. One very advanced technology is DHT (Dedicated Hybrid Transmission) i.e. transmissions with split power, which optimally combine two mechanical input torques – combustion engine and electric motor – to achieve the desired driving status.

So that OEMs and 1st tier suppliers can secure their claim to a market position when competing against new players such as Google and co. by ensuring fast entry onto the market, they need high-performance partners who are able to set up the manufacturing processes for complex, demanding components for the powertrain, electrical transmissions, driver assistance systems and components in the field of comfort and safety quickly, efficiently and with a reliable process and then deliver these reliably in large series production. Partners like VOIT Automotive.