VOIT Polska

VOIT POLSKA was founded in 2008 as a greenfield plant for the production of ready-to-install cast aluminum die castings with highest precision.

Since the expansion in 2011, approx. 10 million die castings are produced annually with 8 automated die casting cells in the clamping force range of 4,000 – 8,400 kN on a production area of 6,500 m². Further land areas for capacity expansion are available.

VOIT POLSKA is an ultra-modern plant that meets all the requirements for modern electronics applications, such as surface quality, adhesiveness, component cleanliness and the use of non-conductive blasting material.

The largest product groups are electric motor carriers and platinum carriers, electronic housings, wiper gearbox housings, fan motor components and bearing shields, some with cast-in axles.

Aluminum Die Casting
Ready cast

Melting Furnaces
Die Casting cells 580 t – 840 t
Surface treatment, e.g. blasting
Mechanical Processing
Washing Systems
Measuring Equipment, e.g. 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines
Mould maintenance

Electric Motor Housing, Platinum Carrier, Electronic Housing (automatic start-stop), fan motor Components of the MQP family, Bearing shields with partially cast-in axles, Pistons for 8HP Gearbox, Housing for Electric Steering System

Bosch, ZF, Brose, Continental..