Knowledge  Workshop Saarbrücken


Experience Technology Live

We see it as one aspect of our social responsibility to create enthusiasm for technology in youngsters in the automotive region of the Saarland, to awaken their inventive spirit and offering them professions which provide a perspective and good development opportunities. That this can also mean having fun, for us, for all of those involved and, in particular, the kids, is demonstrated by the Knowledge Workshop Saarbrücken.


How does that work? What is behind it? How can I build that myself?

In practical courses, children and youngsters find out what is behind everyday technical objects.

The Knowledge  Workshop offers
free technical courses for girls and boys of between 8 and 18 years of age and they can each take their workpiece home
morning courses for complete classes from all forms of school (from the third grade on, no charge for either the course or the material)
privately booked afternoon courses


The Knowledge Workshop is
a learning workshop for tasks with wood, metal and electronics as well as for robotics, 3D printing and VR VR
free of charge for children and youngsters whether privately or as part of a class or group
in the Eurostation quarter of the main railway station in Saarbrücken

Supporters of Knowledge Workshop:


Nicole Maas

Head of the Wissenswerkstatt
+49 (0) 681 959 110 84

Valerio Palermo

Corporate Design and Visual Marketing
+49 6894 909-1403