Roadshow: Infomobile of the metal and electrical industry comes to VOIT and goes on tour to schools with VOIT trainees.

In the Infomobile of the metal and electrical industry, school pupils and any other interested parties experience technology in multiple forms through practical understanding as well as multi-media impressions and information. An advisory team explains modern technology and the world of work in the metal and electrical industries to the pupils. In the first week of September 2012, the Infomobile – a tour bus equipped with fantastic stations for hands-on experience – stopped over at VOIT. Here, as well as on location at our partner school, the road show provided young people with interesting and comprehensive information. In addition, our trainees accompanied the tour bus to our partner schools in order to awaken the pupils’ interest in technology. We hope that we are thus able to inspire their interest and enthusiasm for this branch of industry in which VOIT offers five different training occupations


Niki Rohe

Leader Technical Vocational Training
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Udo Cloß

Technical Vocational Training Instructor
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