Quality Management


Customer satisfaction according to a system

Quality, Occupational safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection are a joint task. For this reason, across different departments, highly specialised and qualified employees from the areas of development, project management, production technology, logistics, quality management, energy, the environment, work safety and business management concern themselves with the demands of the whole value chain, right up to our customers, on a daily basis. Customer satisfaction and the associated adherence to objectives have the highest priority within our company. We are aware of this responsibility and our activities are aligned accordingly. This is reflected in our energy and environmental policies.


Besides legal framework conditions, the basis for this policy is formed by our customers’ requirements which are to be found in standards such as ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001 which are described in detail in plant standards, quality agreements and product-specific client specifications.


A further element is our mission statement, which has been laid down in order to ensure that the company is safeguarded and that customer requirements are met. These requirements can also be found in our process-orientated quality management system and the integrated energy and environmental management system. Administrative processes are largely carried out using the automotive standard tool Supply-On.


Our processes are regularly analysed with a view to adding value. Our quality management system and energy and environmental management are applied throughout the VOIT corporate group. Each process owner is supported in the process analysis and existing interplay by specially created teams. In connection with this, it is our aim to increase the individual responsibility of employees on all levels and thus to allow the company objective of zero defects and personal goals to develop congruently.


Besides the optimization of quality processes, the company implements measures which are targeted at continuously improving the company’s environmental performance and energy efficiency. Moreover, targets in the form of key figures, measures in problems solving reports are also implemented right up to the foreman’s level. The effectiveness of the energy and environmental management system is checked by carrying out regular reviews, by weekly energy reports and monthly tracking of key figures.

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