Corporate Policies

This Code of Conduct is the binding formulation of the central values of our company and the whole management for all business units and affiliated companies (which hold a share of more than 50 %) of VOIT Automotive GmbH (referred to below collectively as “VOIT”).

This code does not, however, claim to be complete. Rather its intention is primarily clear communication and a commitment to ethically impeccable and lawful behaviour. Unethical behaviour or even business crime will not be tolerated by VOIT under any circumstances. However, each employee always has the possibility to address suitable contacts – first and foremost his or her line manager – whenever there are any questions or cases of doubt in such matters. We will ensure that open communication and transparency are observed and practised also and in particular in this field.

This corporate guideline is to help you to recognize and avoid any risks of corruption and infringements of law. According to the stipulations in the Code of Conduct, gifts which are above the threshold value of EUR 35,00 and invitations which go beyond a normal business lunch or dinner are to be reported to the Head of Compliance or the responsible Compliance Representative and to be approved by him in advance. This guideline is intended to serve as an additional aid to orientation for our employees and should help them in individual cases not to come into conflict with the law.

This supplier codex describes the minimum standards which VOIT sets its business partners with regard to ethical behaviour, working conditions, human rights, health protection, work safety, environmental protection and adherence to legal stipulations.