Foundation of Energy Efficiency Network E.E.f.I at VOIT

On 13.3.19, the first cross-industry Energy Efficiency Network E.E.f.I was founded on the initiative and as a network carrier of the VSU Association of Saarland Business Associations. The network participants Homanit, HYDAC International, Saarbrücker Zeitung, VOIT Automotive and ZF Friedrichshafen want to develop and implement measures to increase energy efficiency and save energy for 3 years in a joint exchange of knowledge. In this way, they make a contribution both to securing the location (energy costs represent a considerable cost block) and to climate protection and achieving Germany's climate policy goals. In doing so, they also underline their claim to act sustainably: an aspect that is increasingly regarded as relevant by citizens, business partners and the young professionals sought-after on the labour market. Christoph Langehenke (CTO VOIT Automotive would like to thank State Secretary Jürgen Barke, Antje Otto (Saarhütten/VSU), the moderator of the project Silvia Goergen, Dr. Hermann Becker (Head of ZF Saarbrücken) and all network participants present for their joint commitment in the future.


Dr. Udo Lange

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) / Managing Director
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Environmental & Energy Management
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Corporate Design and Visual Marketing
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