VOIT Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center in Plant 2 at the headquarters in St. Ingbert is perfectly positioned in the heart of Europe with excellent transportation links.

Here, as of 01.01.2005, VOIT has had a completely new set-up in order to be able to offer internal and external customers an efficient and reliable logistical process.

On a total area of 7,500 m², there are over 5,000 rack storage spaces available along with handling and order picking areas for shipment processing and areas for empty container management.

With our specialised employees and an EDP-based and scanner-aided WMS system, we carry out transshipment of 1,000 euro packaging units each way, coming in and going out, every day, around the clock. Our lean software structure together with the latest hardware components allows an efficient storage and order picking process with transparent booking procedures in real time.


In the process, we fulfill all requirements of the latest supply chain management concepts in the automotive industry:

Just-in-time deliveries
KANBAN connections
Consignment stock
EDI and data transmission interfaces
Reusable container logistics
Fast order picking and loading of trucks and containers
Export management and customs clearance


Logistic Center

Dudweilerstraße 105, D-66386 St. Ingbert
+49 6894 909 2134 info@voit.de