LNDI – You are warmly invited!

The long night of industry starts in:
2018/09/27 17:00:00
Awakening enthusiasm for technology in young people in a unique event at night: That's what VOIT Automotive is offering …

... around 100 out of 800 school pupils and students, once again, during the LNDI – Long Night of Industry – on 27th September 2018. Anyone who as always wanted to see where and how components for the cars which are in greatest demand worldwide are manufactured and who would also perhaps like to follow this career path, is in the right place here. The event is supported by the Saarland Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Metal and Electrical Industry in the Saarland.

After the huge response we had for our last event, we are looking forward to receiving a large number of visitors!

You can find information on LNDI here!



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Valerio Palermo

Corporate Design and Marketing