Company Rules for External Companies

The supplier must adhere to the following:
  1. These Work Regulations form part of the contract with the supplier.
  2. The Contact for your and our employees in all questions regarding safety is the above-mentioned coordinator.
  3. Before commencing work, any possible risks for you and our employees must be determined. Your employees must receive instructions from your employee in a supervisory role before commencing work. Please give our
  4. coordinator brief confirmation that this has been carried out. Before the work commences, any activities which can result in dirt being produced are to be identified. Any soiling of our machines and equipment as well as finished parts due to falling particles of dirt is to be avoided under all circumstances.
  5. All relevant Work Safety Regulations must be adhered to by you and your employees in the execution of the order. Adherence to work safety regulations is monitored by the Voit group. This does not, however, relieve the person in a supervisory role from your own duties and responsibility towards your employees.
  6. In case of breaches of safety, our coordinator has the right to order the work to be stopped until the error has been eliminated and to exclude any perpetrating employees from further work. The coordinator’s instructions are to be strictly complied with at all times.
  7. The tools and devices used by you, in particular ladders and scaffolding, must be in a safe working condition. They are to be locked away on leaving the workplace or otherwise secured so that they do not present a risk to persons or property.
  8. The use of company equipment and materials is only permitted when approved by the coordinator.
  9. Every case of theft will be reported to the police and prosecuted.
  10. Please ensure that your employees wear all necessary protective clothing (protective goggles, safety shoes, protective helmet etc.).
  11. For all activities involving fire such as e.g. welding, cutting and grinding work, permission must be obtained from the coordinator using the permit document FB_S11_03 “Permit” so that corresponding protective measures can be carried out and any fire detection loops which are installed can be deactivated. Any costs incurred due to non-compliance shall be borne by the perpetrator.
  12. If contract work is to be carried out in areas where special permission is required for access, the instructions of the responsible supervisors are to be followed. Unauthorized operation of machines and equipment is strictly forbidden.
  13. Only employ correspondingly qualified employees for dangerous tasks. Such tasks in the sense of § 8 A1 of the employers liability insurance association (BGV) require the acknowledgement and approval of our coordinator. The following apply, in particular, as dangerous tasks:
    work with fire (welding, cutting, soldering, abrasive cutting, burning, heating)
    work with flammable liquids,
    handling of hazardous substances (Ordinance on Hazardous Substances),
    work at or close to electrical equipment and facilities,
    work with forklifts, lifting platforms and scaffold construction,
    work for which the Ordinance on Radiation Protection is to be adhered to,
    work which requires special precautions because there is a direct risk for your and our employees.
  14. Materials stores and material stacks must be arranged so that they do not present a risk to work safety, operation, transport or flow of traffic.
  15. It is not permitted to carry or drink alcoholic drinks. Employees who are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol will be instructed to leave the premises.
  16. The personnel from the external company may only stay in the rooms and parts of the building which are required in the execution of their order.
  17. Mandatory, prohibitions and warning signs must be adhered to. They must not be removed or concealed.
  18. Emergency routes and emergency doors are marked and must be kept free at all times. Markings must not be removed or concealed.
  19. Fire extinguishing equipment and corresponding information signs must not be covered or rendered useless in any other way.
  20. Any disruption to operations or damage etc are to be reported to the coordinator immediately.
  21. The supplier must inform the coordinator if hazardous substance are brought into the company. These are to be transported, stored, processed and disposed of according to the regulations.
  22. The working area of the external company is to be tidied and cleaned by the supplier on a daily basis before finishing work.
  23. Disposal of waste: any packaging which is incurred as well as empty crates from auxiliary materials and other waste are to be disposed of independently on a daily basis or taken away if instructed to do so.
  24. The supplier shall report to our gate or reception at when the work commences and after that on a daily basis when arriving and leaving. On receiving a visitors’ badge, this is to be worn visibly at all time and to be handed in again at the gate or reception on leaving the company. Furthermore, you are obliged to wear a high visibility vest at all times.
  25. If work goes on after 6.00 p.m. or if it should commence before 7.00 a.m., this must be agreed in advance with the coordinator and reported to the gate promptly. If any work is to be carried out at weekends (Sat./Sun.) or on public holiday, this is also to be agreed with the coordinator and reported to the gate promptly. An individual person may not work in buildings, halls or on equipment without the agreement of the coordinator.
  26. If there are incoming material supplies for the execution of the order, the following delivery address is to be used and the purpose and recipient are to be stated: VOIT Automotive GmbH Werk 1 Saarbrücker Straße 2 or Werk 2 Dudweiler Str. 105, 66386 St. Ingbert or BTI GmbH Dudweiler Str. 105, 66386 St. Ingbert).
  27. Accidents and injuries are to be reported at the gate immediately.
  28. Work records / Reports are to be kept daily in a meaningful form and submitted to the coordinator to sign.
  29. Behaviour concerning energy and the environment: The work is to be carried out in an environmentally conscious and energy efficient manner. In doing so, the use of raw, auxiliary and operating materials and consumption of electricity, gas, water and the use of pressurized air are to be minimized.
  30. It is only permitted to stay in the workshop for the duration of the planned order. The sanitary facilities and break area are to be accessed along a direct route and without lingering on the way. Any exchange of data within VOIT Automotive GmbH and BTI GmbH is forbidden or is only permitted with the explicit approval of the coordinator.
  31. The recording of images and sound require special permission. Photography and filming equipment must not be carried in the company. Mobile phones with cameras are to be switched off.