Company Rules for External Companies

FB_S10_02 / Rev. 12 / 06/21
The supplier must adhere to the following:

1. these operating regulations are part of the contract with the contractor.

2. the contact person in all questions of safety for your and our employees is the coordinator named above.

3. the possible hazards for your and our employees must be determined before work begins. Your employees must be instructed by your supervising person before work begins. Please provide our coordinator with a brief confirmation that this has been done.

4. prior to the start of the work, the hazardous and operating materials that the external company will use in its work must be notified. The safety data sheet must be submitted in advance as well as a training certificate of their employees in handling these substances.

5. prior to the start of the work, the activities during which dirt could be generated must be identified. Contamination of our machinery and equipment as well as finished parts by falling dirt particles must be avoided at all costs.

6. all relevant occupational health and safety regulations must be observed by you and your employees during the execution of the order. Compliance with the occupational safety regulations is monitored by the Voit Group. However, this does not relieve your supervisor of his or her own duties and responsibility towards your employees.

In the event of safety violations, our coordinator is entitled to order the cessation of work until the defect has been rectified and to exclude employees who violate the regulations from further work. The instructions of the coordinator must be followed without fail.

8. the tools and equipment used by you, in particular ladders and scaffolds, must be in safe working condition. When leaving the workplace, they must be locked away or otherwise secured so that they do not pose a risk to persons or property. 9.

9. the use of company-owned equipment and materials is only permitted with the approval of the coordinator.

10. any theft will be reported to the police and prosecuted.

11. make sure that your employees wear the necessary body protection equipment (safety glasses, safety shoes, safety helmet, etc.).

12. for all fire work, such as welding, cutting and grinding work, permission must be obtained from the coordinator by means of FB_S10_03 “Permission slip” so that appropriate protective measures can be implemented and any fire alarm loops installed can be deactivated. The costs incurred due to non-observance are to be borne by the
causer. 13.

If contract work is to be performed in areas with special access authorization, the instructions of the responsible supervisors must always be observed. Unauthorized operation of machines and equipment is strictly prohibited.

14. Use only appropriately qualified employees for hazardous work. Such work as defined in § 8 DGUV V 1 requires the knowledge and approval of our coordinator.

15. dangerous work is considered to be in particular:
work with fire (welding, cutting, soldering, cutting-off, burning, heating)
work with flammable liquids,
handling hazardous substances (Ordinance on Hazardous Substances),
working on or near electrical installations and equipment,
work with industrial trucks, elevating work platforms and scaffolding work,
work requiring compliance with the Radiation Protection Ordinance,
work that requires special precautions because of immediate hazards to your and our employees.
and our employees.

16. material storage and material piles must be arranged in such a way that they do not endanger work safety, operation and transport and traffic flow.

17. Bringing and drinking alcoholic beverages is not permitted. Employees suspected of being under the influence of alcohol will be expelled from the premises. 18.

18) The personnel of the external company may only be in the rooms and parts of the building necessary for the performance of their duties.

19. mandatory, prohibitive and warning signs must be observed. They may not be removed or made unrecognizable. 20.

20. escape routes and escape doors are marked and must be kept clear at all times. Markings may not be removed or made unrecognizable.

21. fire extinguishing equipment and appropriate signs shall not be obscured or otherwise rendered unusable.

22. operational problems, damage, etc., shall be reported immediately to the coordinator.

23. The Contractor shall notify the Coordinator of the introduction of hazardous materials. These are to be transported, stored, processed and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

24. the contractor’s work area must be tidied up and cleaned daily by the contractor before the end of the work.

25. disposal of waste: Any packaging produced and empty containers of auxiliary materials and other waste shall be taken away.

26. the contractor shall sign in and out at our gate or reception at the start of the work and daily thereafter. After receiving the visitor’s pass, it must be worn visibly at all times and returned to the gate or reception desk when leaving the plant. Furthermore, you are obliged to wear a high-visibility vest at all times. 27.

If work is to continue after 6:00 p.m. or if it is to begin before 7:00 a.m., this must be coordinated in advance with the coordinator and reported to the gate in good time. If work is to be carried out on weekends (Sat./Sun.) or holidays, this must also be coordinated with the coordinator and reported to the gate in good time. An individual may not work in buildings, halls or on equipment without coordinating with the coordinator.

If material deliveries are received for the execution of the order, the following delivery address is to be used, stating the intended use and recipient: VOIT Automotive GmbH Werk 1 Saarbrücker Straße 2 or Werk 2 Dudweilerstr. 105, 66386 St. Ingbert or BTI GmbH Dudweilerstr. 105, 66386 St. Ingbert).

29. accidents and injuries must be reported immediately to the gate. records / reports are to be kept daily in a meaningful form and submitted to the coordinator for signature.

31.Handling of energy and the environment: Work must be carried out in an environmentally conscious and energy-efficient manner. The use of raw materials, consumables and supplies as well as the use of electricity, gas, water and compressed air must be minimized.

32. stay at the workplace is only authorized for the planned job. Sanitary and break areas are to be approached by direct route and without stopping en route. Any exchange of data within VOIT Automotive GmbH and BTI GmbH is prohibited or only permitted with the express consent of the coordinator.

33. picture and sound recordings require special permission. Photo and film devices may not be carried along. Camera phones must be switched off.

34. in the event of an alarm, you must immediately proceed to the assembly point for outside companies via the marked escape and rescue routes.

35. in the case of electrical work, a third party electricity meter must be borrowed via the coordinator, to which the energy consumers must be connected. These are deposited at the gate. (Renewable Energy Act § 62b)

In the course of the utilization of services, we are legally obligated to be able to hold certain proof obligations. These are usually §15 GefstoffV and §6 DGUV V 1. Here, personal data may also be collected, which we process in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.

Important phone numbers: 06894 – 909 – XXXX (or directly via our house phone only dial extension):

VOIT Plant 2 and BTI
Gate: 1377 Gate: 2770
Paramedics: 1490 First Aiders: 2757

The rescue control center / fire department can be reached directly by cell phone via 112!