Drive Technology

VOIT develops and manufactures powertrain components for vehicles with combustion engines, hybrid engines and purely electric drives. These products are supplemented by conventional and electrified auxiliary units.

Typical components are: internal gear components such as disk carriers, axial pistons, planetary carriers, ring gear supports and intermediate plates up to control units and complete housing components for E-axes.


Further portfolio

Combustors, hybrid components & E-engine:

Disk engaging mechanisms & disk carriers for clutches & brakes
Ring gear supports and planetary carriers for planetary transmissions
Components for switchable gears
Housings for control and power electronics
Housings for steering gear
Motor housings for electric power steering
Housings incl. cooling jacket for E-engine
Stator carrier for E-engine

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Christopher Pajak

CCO - Chief Corporate Officer
+49 6894 909-1236

Thomas Feis

Head of Project Management & Technical Sales
+49 (0) 6894 909-1277