VOIT Automotive de México

VOIT Automotive de México SA de CV was founded in 1998 as a joint venture under the name “Grupo Kervo SA de CV” with its location in Guadalajara/Mexico. The Mexican joint venture partner with Belgian roots has long years of experience on the Mexican market whereas VOIT has comprehensive technical expertise. The decision to set up a site in Mexico came about as a result of an inquiry from Bosch, who were looking for a supplier of stamped parts for engine cooling motor housings and lids (GPB) at the time. In 2005, the VOIT HOLDING acquired all of the shares and the company has held the name it has today since mid-2006.

The company, which today has a workforce of 400 employees, specialises in forming technology. With 21 stamping machines with pressing power of up to 800 tonnes, VOIT MÉXICO is thus the largest manufacturing location for stamped parts in the VOIT corporate group.

Involving the process specialist from an early stage has also been a key factor of success in the NAFTA economic area. For example, VOIT MÉXICO manufacture components today for safety relevant part such as brakes (boosters), chassis (spring seats) and HVAC applications (components for cooling systems and condensers). A further important area is the implementation of our clients’ globalisation requirements. The components required for our clients’ North and South American locations are mainly supplied by our Mexican plant.

Due to the high quality demands within the company VOIT, employees in tool construction and design play an important part in the success of the venture as a whole. In order to be able to meet these demands, VOIT MÉXICO is particularly committed to setting up a dual training system in Mexico. The company distinguishes itself in particular with this strategy for further developing the location and employees, Success has proved us right in this respect so that we can include Continental, Bosch, ZF/TRW, Brose and Valeo among our main clients.

Stamping and deforming technology

Presses with a pressing force of between 160 and 800 tonnes
Cleaning systems
Welding, riveting and caulking machines
Tool construction and tool maintenance
Cathodic dip coating and powder coating (external)
Measuring technology e.g. 3D coordinate measuring machine

Training in a dual studies system

Components for safety-relevant parts such as brakes, chassis and HVAC applications:
Brake booster (housing, vacuum cylinder, divider plates, diaphragm plates), housing and lids of electric motors (ABS and cooling fan applications), bumper components (spring seats, brackets), heads and sideplates for radiators.

Continental, Bosch, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Brose, Valeo, TRW, Insa, Kioto, Nypro, Siemens, Tachi-s, …