Handling Resources Wisely

The responsible and economical handling of resources such as energy, raw materials, auxiliary and operating materials is a matter of particular importance at VOIT. Against this background, cost-conscious handling of resources is decisively linked to minimizing the impact on the environment.

Through constantly optimising processes, we are able to continuously reduce emission levels. This not only leads to benefits for individual employees but also results in a significant degree of environmental protection. By substituting operating materials and auxiliary materials, we have managed to achieve an additional improvement in the air in production halls.

Another point with regard to handling of resources is that, at VOIT, a proportion of the scrap which results from the stamping process is recycled and aluminium chips are remelted and fed back into the production cycle. As a consequence, resources are conserved and costs are reduced.

One important environmental objective for the future is to have production which is largely free of waste water. Relieving the burden on natural resources and conserving them is a very important issue for us. We ensure that our employees also support this desire for a clean environment.