Objective: Constant Improvement of our Energy Efficiency

VOIT places its main focus on constantly improving its energy efficiency.

To achieve this, among other things, the substitution of electricity is being extended by using excess heat from the combined heat and power plant e.g. for heating processes in the industrial washing facilities, for the hot water supply and room heating. The aim is to achieve zero KWh consumption for room heating.

For years now, VOIT has been using the residual heat from the melting furnaces for preheating aluminium bars and thus reducing gas consumption and consequently resulting in a reduction in melting energy.

Special focus is placed on the efficient use of energy when purchasing new machines and equipment. Not only the procurement costs, alone, play a role when selecting the machines but also, to a large degree, the degree of energy efficiency of the machines.

Another huge factor in reducing energy costs, which is, however, often underestimated, is pressurized air. We place great importance on this topic and, by installing measuring instruments, we have created a control mechanism which enables us to detect leakages at any time.